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Get your lifetime spot on our wall of fame, show the world you accept bitcoin for only 0.00001 BTC per pixel!
Pixels Sold: 0   Available: 1,000,000

Get your spot

Get your image and link on our pixel wall of fame - it's the perfect exposure for you, your brand and/or website if you accept bitcoin in one way or the other. Spread the word with your permanent spot on our pixelwall and let the world know.
  • Spots are permanent and will stay online for life (5 year minimum guaranteed)
  • Select any available region on the grid of any size
  • Only 0.00001 BTC per pixel (Paypal possible as well)
Note: We do not accept links/images which are illegal or of adult (18+) nature.

Price: BTC 0.001 per 10 x 10 pixel block (BTC 0.00001 per pixel)

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